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Is Pressure Washing Needed For Your Florida HOA Community?

Since spring has arrived and more restrictions have been lifted, people are realizing that their homes need to be cleaned. Many people were unable to keep up with exterior cleaning last year. In many cases, pressure washing can restore the beauty of an exterior. If you are in charge of HOA decisions and find yourself looking at dirty exteriors in your community this spring, it is important to work with a professional exterior painting contractor. A professional can help you achieve the look you want through washing and/or painting.

What Is Pressure Washing?

A pressure washer is a device that includes a machine, a hose and a special sprayer. As the name suggests, it creates a significant pressure. Most pressure washers are at least 30 times more powerful than garden hose sprayers. When you use a high-pressure wash on the exterior of a home, it helps remove dirt and debris that rain or a garden hose sprayer cannot remove.

A pressure wash is often confused with a power wash. Since many people use the terms interchangeably, it is important to understand the difference. While a power wash also involves using high pressure, it uses heated water instead. Hot water is often better after a natural disaster or for special circumstances. For example, after a hurricane, there may be grease or other residue on the exterior that is harder to remove with cool water. Hot water may also be better if there is visible mold on the exterior.

Pressure Wash Benefits for HOAs

In addition to removing dirt and debris, a pressure wash can improve the HOA community in other ways. For example, it may make residents feel more valued. It is common for people to be drawn to a community for a variety of reasons in the beginning. However, HOA administrators must work hard to keep people interested and turn them into long-term residents. One way to do this is to demonstrate a high level of care for building upkeep.

Also, cleaning is an important part of sanitation. With the events of the past year, sanitation measures have never been more important in every way. Cleaning the exterior of a building shows care for sanitation and may give residents more confidence in the HOA’s commitment to other ongoing sanitation initiatives.

After a pressure wash, a building’s exterior looks much better. If the HOA is trying to attract more people, this is a step that can help. Curb appeal is critical for encouraging people to consider the community. Also, it sends a stronger message that the HOA is committed to upkeep, giving potential residents more confidence.

Another topic that some HOA administrators overlook is the environmental benefit versus the outcome. For example, if you ask a maintenance crew to use a garden hose with a jet spray nozzle, they will use a lot more water. In comparison with garden hoses, many pressure washers consume around one-fifth the amount of water. Because of the greater pressure in one of these devices, the result is better. It is easier to appreciate the benefit of a pressure wash when you think of it as using less water for a better result or more water for a poorer result.

When you consider a pressure wash in relation to other parts of your maintenance strategy, it is a good investment. The ROI is excellent for resident fees. Since upkeep and cleanliness are important to everyone, it is not a step that is likely to bring resistance or complaints from residents. Also, you do not have to worry about safety issues or worker’s compensation risks when you hire a professional. It is also quick, which means that any inconvenience to residents is minimal.

Lastly, a professional pressure wash is affordable. In comparison with the cost of using more water and paying a maintenance crew, the cost of hiring a painting contractor for a pressure wash is a much better investment for the better outcome.

When To Repaint

If the exterior surfaces have not been repainted in years, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint instead. Before performing a pressure wash, a commercial painting contractor can look at the exterior to assess its condition. If a pressure wash may not be enough to spruce up the exterior, the commercial painting contractor may provide some alternate suggestions or a free estimate for painting.

Why Choose Us To Pressure Wash Your HOA Community in Fernandina Beach FL?

Halls Quality Painting has been in business for over 15 years. We specialize in all types of commercial painting, pressure washing and special coating application. We treat your HOA buildings, residents and grounds with the utmost care and respect. Our team takes the time to learn important aspects about your HOA to help us better serve your unique needs. These are some other benefits of working with us:

  • Knowledge of applying different types of finishes to various substrates.
  • Familiarity with modern painting and washing equipment and techniques.
  • Deep understanding of paint characteristics and paint properties.
  • Ability to work in all environments, including the most challenging ones.
  • Fully licensed and insured painting and washing team.

Our team takes pride in providing quality workmanship and results that you can trust. Rest assured that our professional tradespeople will complete the project on schedule and within the limits of your budget. We will work with you on scheduling and are here to answer all your questions. Please contact us for a free estimate for a pressure wash in Fernandina Beach FL.

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We recently used Halls to do an entire interior repaint of our beach place. They were very professional, reliable and the quality of workmanship was excellent. As a family run business, Hall's offers a wonderful balance of personal, caring service along with an exceptional level of workmanship that one might expect from a larger contractor. Although we were out of town while the work was being done, we could count on the crew to be respectful of our property and belongings. Their communication was excellent and they stand behind their more
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