Top exterior colors for 2021

Exterior Paint Colors That Are on Trend in Fernandina Beach for 2021

The new year has begun, and you need to paint your home, but you have just one problem. There are hundreds of colors in the world to choose from and you cannot seem to settle on one. Breathe! That is why we have compiled this elaborate post with all the colors that fellow homeowners are using to transform their homes right now. Your home is your sanctuary, and you need to be surrounded by the best of everything, including color. Let’s take a look and see what colors best suit your home in Fernandina Beach.

1) Warm, Creamy Whites

Why are we not talking about pure white? Because it deserves to be anywhere in your home but not your exterior. Your home may look good for the first few days but when it starts to rain and get dusty, you are going to wish you could tear it down. Don’t forget the harsh glare of light reflected from those white walls.

That is why we recommend warm off-white colors that make your house pop but still protect you from the harshness of light and dirt. Sea Pearl and Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore are the best place to start. Swiss coffee is a bit on the bright side, but these two options will transform your exterior beautifully. Wood accents are also trendy right now. Consider an off-white look with wooden accents for a complete modern house look.

2) Pale Gray

The trend seems to be angling towards warm gray shades with, wait for it, green undertones. You do not even need to gather up the courage to try this one out. It is a bold gray that is just the right tone for your home’s exterior. It is neither too sharp nor too light. In fact, it appears a bit on the cooler side depending on the lighting.

Sherwin Williams has two shades that we highly recommend if you want to pull off this look: Dovetail and Crushed Ice. These colors give your home the look of ambiance and peace, even from afar. You can always use a different color for your accents if you want to spice things up a little.

3) Dark Gray

Dark gray will forever have its place on the top trending colors’ list. It is a beautiful color on your home’s exterior and it’s one of the easiest colors to pick. You can rest assured that it will accentuate all the features of your home. It is also perfect for dusty weather. Your home will almost certainly never look dirty.

Our top picks for dark gray would be Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams. Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore has a bit of a blue undertone, but you will love it on your exterior walls.

4) Beige

The past few years saw most homeowners shunning beige because the market was flooded with quite a few shades that tended to turn into yellow. Thankfully, that undesirable trait is a thing of the past. 2021 has seen more people opt for a warm beige tone that maintains its color and blends beautifully with whatever environment you live in.

The shade appears off white in bright sunlight and brings out the beige in its fullness when it’s a bit cloudy. You can get in on the trend with Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams or Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore. These two are all the rage this year.

5) Bronze

Get ready to leave your regular neutral colors behind because we are going harder this year. Bronze is a warm neutral color that qualifies as a safe color, but it has mostly been an interior paint option for homeowners until this year.

This is the perfect paint color for you if you are looking to make your home look sophisticated and welcoming without using loud colors. It pairs perfectly with most roof colors and does not appear bluish-white when exposed to bright light.

Be sure to check out Urban Bronze by Sherwin Williams. It was the brand’s color of the year in 2020 and with good reason. The color is slowly becoming the preferred bronze shade for most residential painting jobs. Aged Bronze from Benjamin Moore is a great color as well. We recommend pairing it with real bronze furniture on your patio or porch.

6) Pewter

New year, new beginnings, right? How about you coat your home in a pewter exterior this year? Quite a few homeowners have caught on and used it for their exterior painting jobs, but it is never too late to join the trend. Never heard of the color? No worries! That is why we are here.

Pewter is a metallic shade of gray that gives off a bit of a blue element. Looks like blue is ranking highly in residential painting this year. It is darker than your typical gray yet neutral enough for anyone who wants to play it safe.

We cannot say exactly why pewter is getting so much attention this new year but it’s a magnificent, color, that’s for sure. If you do choose to try it out, go for reputable options like Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore or Pewter Cast by Sherwin Williams.

They are both great shades that can be used for your entire exterior painting but you know what would put an edge on your home’s appearance? Using natural wood for your accents alongside this color.

7) Slate Blue

Have you ever heard of slate blue? It is a contemporary shade of blue that we think will look great on your home’s exterior. In fact, lots of homeowners are trying it out and loving it. What is this slate blue color?

It is a unique mixture of gray and blue to produce one of the most serene colors you have ever seen. Slate blue is a neutral color so you need not worry about your home looking too flamboyant. On the other hand, you will undoubtedly get queries on the shade you used. Yes, it is that good.

Move out of your neutral comfort zone and try this trendy color. It comes in several varieties but that should be a problem. Just swatch until you find the right shade for your home.

Slate blue is also one of those colors that are affected by light. It may appear different in sunny and cloudy scenarios. Factor this in as you consider your perfect color so that your exterior looks good despite the time or weather.

8) Navy Blue

Navy blue is not one of those colors you just pick and go. There are tens of shades with some appearing bluer than others. Do not be surprised if you stumble upon a navy blue that looks more like royal blue.

How do you avoid a painting job done only to realize that it does not look as you intended? The answer is simple: sample and the sample some more. Instead of using a random board to check out the tone of your colors, you can test them directly on your wall. This way, you have a clear picture of dark or light your navy blue is.

We usually suggest neutral shades of blue to all homeowners looking to painting their home’s exterior. Your home will certainly not stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood and you can still maintain the elegance that comes with a navy-blue coat.

Have you tried Admirable Blue from Sherwin Williams? It is a splendid neutral navy blue that is guaranteed to complete your home’s appearance. You can also check out the Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

These two are the perfect exterior coat for a bungalow on the sunny beach or a midcentury home with a modern touch. You can go all out and have your entire home painted navy blue or go with some warm colors to highlight your accents.

9) Earthy Green

The color green is not for the faint-hearted. Most homeowners have a list of comfortable and “safe” colors and green is certainly not one of them. Although some people may be excited about trying it out, you do not want to make a mistake that could cost you both time and money.

That is why we recommend that you consult a virtual exterior design. Yes, such a profession exists. This is your go-to designer if you need to see how a certain addition will look in contrast to your house. They can create for you a realistic representation of how your home exterior will look with a green coat of paint.

If you love the look, you can get one of our experts to adorn your walls in it. Most people use green shades to paint accents only but there are no rules to this game. You can pull off an overall green look and with the right shade, your neighbors will be right behind you. Green Earth from Sherwin Williams and Saybrook Sage from Benjamin Moore are wonderful shades of earthy green and a great place to start.

10) Wood

We are not saying that you should abandon your repainting plan. Far from it. We understand that you are looking for the best paint to transform your home into a modern-looking haven but what if what you need is not a color?

Some wood stain or actual wood fittings in your home’s exterior are guaranteed to give your home a complete makeover. The trend is moving towards natural colors and textures and wood is the best way to attain a complete look. Feel free to go full board or add a few touches here and there. There is no such thing as too much wood.

11) BONUS: Colorful Door

What better way to let your personality shine through your home décor than to get yourself a colorful door? Most homeowners repaint their interior and exterior and forget to do anything about their doors. Surprise, no house rule says that your door should remain in its original color. Besides, it’s one of the first things guests and passersby can see from the curb.

A lot of people are going for pink and green shades and we assure, these colors aren’t for millennials only. They are an excellent way to bring life to your door and make your home seem a lot warmer. Red and yellow have been the go-to colors for most homeowners looking to repaint their front doors but pink has taken over by storm.

Since not everyone can use pink, depending on the overall color of your hose and preferences, you can choose to go with a shade of green. They are just as trendy and one of those colors you cannot go wrong with if you pick the right shade. If you choose to go the green way, try out the Greyhound by Benjamin Moore.

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