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The Hottest External House Paint Colors for 2019 in Florida

It is important for your home to have impressive curb appeal, especially if you are trying to sell it. Exterior house paint colors play important roles in the way that your property is perceived. Having the right appearance will increase the value of your home. Experts in the housing industry estimate that an exterior paint update can add up to 5 percent to the value of your house. Here are some tips to help you choose the best color for your home in Florida.

Things to Consider When Selecting an Exterior Paint Color

There is no doubt that when your house looks aesthetically pleasing, it will earn a higher resale value. However, you must consider a few factors when selecting an exterior paint color. For instance, the color of your home should match its style. If you have a Victorian house, you certainly shouldn’t paint it a bold red color. Lemon yellow is a trendier and more appropriate choice. Also, you must consider your neighborhood vibe. If you have an older farmhouse, white is always a classic choice that will please. The crispness will be offset by darker shutters. Some people live in conservative areas. If this is your situation, it is wise to avoid colors that stand out too much. For example, you may wish to choose a mossy green hue. This is a modern neutral that is more exciting than white but is not overly flashy. You must adhere to any homeowners association requirements as well.

How to Begin Choosing a Color

Unless you are undergoing a complete exterior remodel, you will have to consider how the new color will blend with your existing roof and your yard layout. If you have a concrete driveway and a brown roof, a beige tone will work best. Also, you should think about the look that you are trying to achieve. If you live in a wooded area and want your home to pop from the trees, a brighter hue will be best. A smoky red is a smart choice.

When you paint your home’s exterior, you will actually need more than one color. You will need to select a dominant shade, an accent color, and one for the trim. However, do not rely solely on paint swatches. Painting the outside of your home is a large task. Before you go through with the entire job, test your color choices by applying them on a small section of your home. Examine the different shades at various times of the day so that you will be pleased with the results under all circumstances.

What Colors Boost Resale Value the Most?

Since it is more economical to paint your home than to install new siding, many homeowners opt for this maintenance task. Buyers are not interested in expensive repairs, so a freshly painted home will be an attractive investment. Light colors make a home appear larger. If you are trying to give the illusion of more space, this is something to keep in mind. Some of the most desirable colors include neutrals and various shades of blue. Light taupe and tan are always more popular than a boring dark brown. Also, gray is a color that matches most architectural styles. These colors provide the best opportunity to raise your resale value. Here are some exterior house colors that often detract from the worth of your home.

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Mustard Gold
  • Purple

Although you want your home to get noticed, you want it to pop out in a good way. A garish color will repel most buyers.

How Long Will Exterior Paint Last?

When done correctly, exterior house paint will last up to 10 years without any major issues. However, it will depend on the climate in your area and the paint that is used. Acrylics last the longest. If you live in a sunny place, darker colors and wood trim will fade after a few years. Most often, paint begins to chip and peel when it is applied over old paint. This is why it is essential to scrape away any residual material before you begin with your new color. Also, using a solid primer will provide even better results.

Reasons to Hire Professional Exterior Painting Contractors

When you are planning to paint your house, you should consider working with professional exterior painting contractors. These experts understand how to do the job correctly and will give you top results. In many cases, they can help you to choose the best exterior house paint colors as well. Painting the entire outside of your house is much more challenging than painting a room inside. A contractor will have the correct equipment to ensure safety and will know the materials that are necessary to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Reasons to Use Hall’s Quality Painting

There are a number of painting contractors around Fernandina Beach FL. You want to work with a company that guarantees satisfaction. At Hall’s, we use a unique home painting system so that every project is a success. Also, we never leave until you are totally happy with our work. Don’t trust your home to a “typical” contractor. Let our licensed and insured crew get to work and improve the look and value of your home. For a free quote, call us at (904)441-0598.

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We recently used Halls to do an entire interior repaint of our beach place. They were very professional, reliable and the quality of workmanship was excellent. As a family run business, Hall's offers a wonderful balance of personal, caring service along with an exceptional level of workmanship that one might expect from a larger contractor. Although we were out of town while the work was being done, we could count on the crew to be respectful of our property and belongings. Their communication was excellent and they stand behind their work.read more
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