When Is Exterior House Painting Season Over in Florida?

Best Exterior Painters Near Me

Fernandina Beach FL is a beautiful place to live, but homeowners who want to paint the outside of their homes need to consider the weather conditions carefully. With its warm, tropical climate, the state is a great place to paint all year. However, in Fernandina Beach FL, high humidity, frequent rainstorms, and extreme heat can…

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How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted in Florida?

Cedar Siding Painters

Keeping your home in excellent condition is one of the best ways to ensure that it remains valuable and worth as much as possible when it comes time to sell it. One great way to help maintain the value of your home is by regularly maintaining its exterior. This means keeping the lawn mowed, bushes…

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Florida Exterior Remodeling Designs and Ideas for Summer

Summer Home Design Tips

Summer is the perfect season for home renovations because the days are longer and the weather is better during this time of year. In case you didn’t know, sprucing up the exterior can be easy work. One option is to find local painters near me who will tackle the job for you. However, you should…

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